I have quite a few of these amazing crystals still available for sale.

Price is 3 for £5.00 

Dimensions: Approximately 1/8" / 4 mm


• Very small, on average only around 3-4 mm in size

• They have an amazing energy

• Known as a Master Crystal

• They boost the energy of much bigger crystals when you use them with others that may     not be as powerful

• Helps to boost the strength of your will, and it may aid you to develop stronger will-power

• Helps to boost abundance and prosperity in your life

• Aids you to develop your psychic gifts, and their energy is known to be very powerful to awaken many psychic powers (including astral travel, telepathic abilities, distance viewing, psychic visions and clairvoyant gifts, and maybe other psychic abilities)

• Very helpful for meditation, making stilling the mind much easier

• Energetically, rhodizite is very powerful for unlocking and clearing blockages, and activating all the chakras

• Physically, rhodizite is said to be helpful for cancer, tissue inflammation, cellular diseases, pH balance in the body, stabilizing brain function, and is an excellent energy booster for all types of healing


***Important Note: keep your thoughts positive as they magnify the vibrations of other crystals, and of the thoughts of those in their environment. You will get what you are concentrating on, as they are the Law Of Attraction in action.