Reiju empowerments raise the Reiki student's frequency a little at a time and therefore need to be given on a regular and on-going basis.

With Reiju, the student needs to practice specific techniques such as Hatsu Rei Ho to develop their healing ability and their connection to the energy source.

This is the way that Usui-sensei taught his Reiki to students that came to him on a regular and on-going basis, in the same way as martial arts students train with their teacher (or sensei). 

This ‘fast track’ technique of obtaining the ability to help heal people was created by Sensei Mikao Usui. He drew from ideas that already existed in Shinto.

This is the original spirituality of Japan. Existing before Buddhism arrived and surviving to this day as an endemic part of Japanese culture. 

Usui Sensei discovered Reiki after achieving enlightenment following many years of spiritual practices. After his enlightenment, he realised the human’s natural ability to use Reiki and heal others.

He created a special method to re-activate this ability. It doesn’t require the years of hard practice he went through before his enlightenment. It is his great gift to mankind.



are sent every Sunday to my students or anyone who would like to pick them up from 10.00am onwards until 22.00pm.