Crystal Reiki Online Course via Private Facebook Group

This the ORIGINAL Crystal Reiki Course and Distance Attunement created by Geoffrey Keyte in 2007, I was one of the original Reiki Masters to receive this attunement in the UK.

Ideally you will be already attuned to Reiki Level 1 to take this course.
The 2 day course includes the full 104 page ORIGINAL Manual, distance attunements, certificate and full support.
Some of the subjects include :
Star of David Crystal Reiki Configuration
Crystal Reiki Reflexology
Crystal Reiki Massage
Four Directions Crystal Reiki Layout
Crystal Reiki Relationship Configuration
Twelve Quartz Crystal Reiki Configuration
Crystal Reiki Grid Configuration
Back to the Future
Atlantean Crystal Reiki Envisionments
The Price for this Course is £15 made payable to my PayPal email address - or I can send you an Invoice if you prefer.